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Alpha Coming to a Close
Hey anime lovers, the open alpha is now coming to a close. We will be launching closed beta in about a months time if things proceed smoothly. We want to thank...
Alpha Update 2.23.1
Hey all, 2.23.1 is out to fix some major bugs on the mobile version and other small additions. Please be aware this will be the final release of the open alpha...
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Alpha Update 2.23
Hey all, 2.23 is finally out and now you can finally face off against an early version of the final boss as well as level up your favorite waifu. Please be awa...
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Alpha 2.22 crash update
Hey all, some people have been complaining about the PC version crashing on them at random times. I went ahead and rebuilt the game and tested the new build tho...
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Alpha Update 2.22
Hey all, 2.22 is out and now you get rewarded for getting a perfect and will now be able to save tier progress. The next release will be adding the leveling sys...
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Alpha Update 2.21
Hey all, 2.21 is out and a new ball mechanic was added. The next release will have some tweaks to the current ball mechanics and reduce the number of balls on s...
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Alpha Update 2.20
Hey all, Sorry for the slow updates but we finally released 2.20. Unfortunately it does not have as much content as we wanted. We are planning on releasing...
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Alpha Update 2.19.1
Hey all, Sorry we have been so quiet in the development department. We are attending Comic Con after Comic Con. Unfortunately this release is just fixing some...
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